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By Roger Chartier

Whaling is a website about the history of New Bedford, Ma. from it's first European visitors to current times. offers a vast wealth of photographs, videos and images as well as a chronological timeline of dates and events.

"A Dead Whale Or A Stove Boat"

This is the inscription on Whaleman's Statue at the
New Bedford Free Public Library in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Whaling Statue "A Dead Whale Or A Stove Boat"

Bela Pratt sculpted the statue and it was a gift from William W. Crapo.
The library is on Pleasant Street in the downtown section of New Bedford and is within a few blocks and an easy walking distance to the historic district and the Whaling Museum for which the city is famous.

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Spend some time here and enjoy the great restaurants and the many venues for the arts.

Gallery X is just up the street and the New Bedford Art museum is nearby.

The library itself has a wonderful collection of historic art.

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