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By Roger Chartier


1894 Haskell And Tripp Dry Goods - New Bedford

Haskell and Tripp was owned by a woman, Louisa B Haskell, and a man, Charles M. Tripp as partners.

They had 2 addresses, one on Purchase Street and the other around the corner on William Street. The store sold dry goods, shoes, fancy goods, linens, cloth, etc.

In the 1904 City Directory, it is listed as owned by Mrs. C.M Tripp and not a Mr. Tripp. Possibly the husband died or retired, and the wife took over his interest in the store.
In 1905, the store is no longer listed but Mrs. Louisa Haskell still lived at 345 Union Street, and Mrs. Charles M. Tripp lived at 7 North Orchard Street.

Sometime around 1905 after the Haskell and Tripp store closed, a new building for Cherry and Webb was built on the site.
At the bottom of the page are 4 smaller scanned images from the directories for New Bedford.

The directories for 1905 and 1907 showing the Cherry and Webb, listing at 40 Purchase street in 1905 and 40 - 32 Purchase street in 1907.
The street numbers changed between 1912 and 1913 so that the corner building that we are interested in here on Purchase and William Streets is no longer 42 - 50 Purchase Street.

The corner building is 800 - 814 Purchase. The William Street address is the same.

At that location in 2010 on the first floor corner is the Cafe Arpeggio a charming cafe with live acoustic music on Thursday evening hosted by Art Tebbetts..

If you click on the photo, you can see a lot of details.
See the Ad and listing from the 1897 New Bedford Directory below the picture.

1894 Photograph of Haskell and Tripp's Dry Goods Store in New Bedford, Ma. -

1897 Advertisement for Haskell and Tripp on Purchase Street and William Street - New BEdford, Ma.

HAskell and Trip =
1897 New BEdford Directory Listing for Haskell and Tripp on Corner of Purchase and William -
Above - the 1912 Directory Above - the 1913 Directory
1907 Cherry and Webb  - New Bedford, Ma www.WhalingCity.net1905 New Bedford Directory listing for Cherry and Webb -
See the difference between the two addresses.
Cherry and Webb as of 1907 is also at 42 Purchase, a former address of Haskell and Tripp