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By Roger Chartier


Acushnet Park and Dan's Pavillion

South End - Clark's Point - New Bedford

Before there were houses and the streets across from Fort Taber and Fort Rodman an Army training camp, there was Acushnet Park covering more than 20 acres of land there, as well as Dan's Pavillion across the street.

Both were owned by Dan Bauer. It first opened sometime around 1916.

The park had different amusement park style booths and roller coasters as well as other rides for kids.

The entrance was across from the beach on East Rodney French Blvd.

There was a skating rink in the park near the turn of East Rodney near the Fort Taber entrance.
In later years as the last part of the park to stay active as Lincoln Park started to take business away from Acushnet Park.

Mr. Normand Chartier who used to roller skate at the rink remembers that Dan's Pavillion was known for good fish and chips.

The entrance to Dan's Pavilion was near where the entrance to Fort Taber is today on the east side of East Rodney French Blvd on the beach. The pavilion had a bar, restaurant and hosted dancing with an orchestra. Many famous people were on the bill of entertainers, such as Red Skelton etc, as well as magicians and singers.

The 1938 hurricane did a lot of damage, but it was soon repaired. A fire caused some concern there in 1941. Later damage from a 1954 hurricane was the demise of both places.

Click the Acushnet Park picture to enlarge it.

Beneath Acushnet Park picture is Dan's Pavilion after the hurricane.
See the area map at bottom of this page.

Acushnet Park - New Bedford - Ma.

Below - 2 photos of the hurricane damage. Two hurricanes did damage - 1938 and 1954.
The first photo below can be enlarged by clicking your mouse on it.
1938 Acushnet Park damage hurricane  -
Dan's Pavillion -

Click here to watch the slide show of Acushnet Park

South End of New Bedford - Acushnet Park Area - -