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By Roger Chartier


Sacred Heart Parish
Rev. George Pager - First Pastor
New Bedford, Ma.

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Sacred Heart Main Page School uniform 60's early 70's  
1941 Girls Paulette Chartier 1967  
1965 Graduation Rev. George Pager 1877-1882  
Demolition of School and Convent

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On January 1, 1876, the Rev. George Pager was made pastor of the parish.
In August of 1876, the cornerstone was laid for the Sacred Heart Church.

It was dedicated on December 17, 1876 or January 1877 (sources vary between these two dates).
The construction costs were about $20,000.00 - By the fall of 1882 the pastor had died of consumption.
In 1880, he is listed as living at 2 Robeson St. (Near County St.)

The Reverend George Pager
Sacred Heart Parish New Bedford, Ma. 1877 - 1882

The photo and the extensively researched information below is courtesy of
Robin Gailliot of Virginia whose great grand uncle was the Rev. George Pager.
Rev. George Pager Sacred Heart Parish New BEdford, Ma 1877 -1882

Who was Reverend George Pager?

 Rev. George Pager was the eldest of 9 children of Honore (Henry) Pager, a finish carpenter (according to the baptismal records) and Emerence Milette in Yamachiche, St Maurice, Quebec on Nov 28, 1848. 
In the 1851 Census the family is still living in Yamachiche and George’s father was a merchant selling small quantities, as were his neighbors. 

In 1861, still in Yamachiche, George’s father worked as a sculptor and they lived in a single story brick & wood house with 2 other families.  It appears the families consist of Patrice (Patrick) Bettez, age 27, a finish carpenter and Henry Belnoit, age 18, an apprentice.   According to George’s sister Adele’s family tree the Pager family immigrated to the US around 1867. George would have been about 19 yrs old. 
In 1870 we can find them in the Smithfield District, Providence, Rhode Island where George was working as a carpenter, most likely with his father, also a carpenter.  Two of George’s sisters were out of the home but also living with the family was a carpenter named Adolphus Page, quite possibly George’s cousin on his father’s side.    

By 1875 George was living in New Bedford at 96 Hillman under the listing of Clergymen, according to Greenoughs 1875-76 City Directory.  His family had not arrived at New Bedford yet and it is unclear where he attended seminary or was ordained.  At this time he would have been assisting Father Chandommet, Father Riviere in ministering to the French Catholics, under Father McMahon.  For more details see ‘History of New Bedford and its vicinity 1602-1892’, Author: Ellis, Leonard Bolles , Publisher: Syracuse, N.Y., Mason , page 580.
In 1877 Greenoughs City Directory lists George under Clergymen as ‘Catholic’ and living at 2 Robeson.  By 1880 his family had joined him in New Bedford and moved in with him.  His father, who was now an Architect and his mother took care of this busy family of 5 siblings.
Elie (Philippe-Elie) - a Doctor who eventually returned to Quebec after Rev George died and raised a family of 8.

Victor: a clerk in the dry goods store, who by 1890 was a partner first in ‘Pager & Dandurand Druggist’, then later with ‘Dagesse & Pager’, married 2 twice, had 5 children and died in 1891 in New Bedford.
Rebecca: who later married into the Paquette family and moved to Connecticut.
Amanda: who never married, building a career as a dress maker and later a shoe stitcher into her mid-seventies?

Listed last was Sylvenia who was crossed out for “Schedule 5”.  It may be Schedule 5 was the list of persons who had died during the census year, since we know from distant family that Amanda died June 16 just a few days, before the census taker arrived on June 21.  She was listed as an organist, though it is not known if she played at her brothers’ church.

His other 3 sisters (living elsewhere) were:
Adele who married a Bellenoit in Rhode Island but raised her family in New Bedford.
Emelie who married a Gendron, raised 4 children in Connecticut and died in 1922.
Elise who married a Byron (who changed his name to Bergeron for the privilege of the marriage), had 2 children and settled in New Hampshire where she died in 1927.
Rev. George’s parents stayed in New Bedford until their deaths in 1884 (Honore/Henry) and 1897 (Emerence).

Compiled by Robin Gailliot 6/29/2011