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WTEV - Channel 6

County Street - New Bedford

The station's first broadcast was on January 1, 1963 from the studios on 430 County Street
It was on the ABC network a VHF broadcaster.

Fifty-five percent of the group that founded WTEV was owned by the E. Anthony and Sons.
They were the publishers of the New Bedford Standard Times and also owned WNBH radio.
The remaining 45 percent was owned by New England Television, who were the holders of the license for the old WNET station.

Soon after E. Anthony and Sons sold the Standard-Times and WNBH, in 1966, WTEV was bought by Steinman Stations of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

In 1979, the Steinmans sold WTEV to Pulitzer Publishing who changed the channel 6 call letters to WLNE in 1980. At that time, they moved the station to studios in Providence.

As of 2011, the station is still licensed to New Bedford, but on the air it is known as from New Bedford and Providence.
Currently the four letter call sign, WTEV is used by a station in Jacksonville, Fl.
New Bedford area residents were delighted to have the new station when it first broadcast as most people could only get 3 or 4 stations with the old TV antennas in 1963.

The station displayed the statue of the eagle known as "Mr. Steadfast", an iconic symbol of New Bedford in front of the building.

At the time, the statue was owned by Basil Brewer the publisher of the Standard Times.
The city owns it now, and it is displayed in historic downtown New Bedford.
Read more about the station from a fan on the Menyjoy site
Read more anecdotes below.
1960's WTEV - New Bedford -

When asked "Who Remembers Channel 6 WTEV in New Bedford these folks replied.:

Jim Botelho: I was on the BOZO show and got a large cardboard tootsie roll filled with little tootsie rolls.

Barbara Hemingway:
I remember, we did a mass on that station for some group . . . brownies? mariners???? I remember that sunday morning 'cuz my sister Betsy fainted dead away!!!!! lol

Kristin Correira: I remember when I made my 1st communion. We had a ceremony on tv for Sunday morning church.

Janet Cannon
: I remember it.

Roger Chartier:
I knew an engineer there named Dennis Brennan.

Charles Horvitz: Truman Taylor ?

Michael Eadie: "We saw Bozo standing in front one day!"

Kevin O'Shea: "My class from Holy Name School was on a t.v. Mass. there, i was so nervous i almost passed out going to communion, it was frightening."

Kelly Bailey:: "My Dad's Uncle worked at Channel 6..... Jack Delaney. I always liked the concrete eagle out front.... somewhere there is a picture of me & my sister next to it."